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I've always had an interest in aviation and related items.

I fly radio controlled (R/C) model aircraft, and have been very active in several areas of the hobby.

Above is a photo of me with a Scimitar PoleStar flying wing. I built this plane from a set of plans and purchased wing cores. It weighs about 5 lbs. and uses a .74 cubic inch engine for power. Top speed is about 110 mph.

This is the contestant lineup from a combat contest at Lazy Loopers in April, 1997. I'm the second from the right in the front row (blue jacket, red and white plane). The planes are 3 pound foam and PVC flying wings, which are flown with a 20' streamer on a 20' string. The idea is to fly around and try to cut the other guy's streamer. I ended up in 3rd place in the stock class. Click Here for a link to photos from another Gremlin contest

This is one of my favorite planes, a Pica Touche. Lightweight, with a fat, low speed capable wing (and a small Snoopy at the controls), it is fully aerobatic and a joy to fly. Unfortunately, it's currently awaiting repairs due to old age and a too fast landing that cracked a lot of wood in the nose.

This is a Byron F-16 ducted fan that I picked up at an auction. I've always wanted to try ducted fans, and the price was very good. It's powered by a 0.81 cu.in. Rossi motor, and is supposed to be one of the easier ducted fans to fly (I suppose along the line of appendix removal being easier than heart transplants). Now, if I can just get up the nerve to fly it.....

I belong to two model airplane clubs, Lazy Loopers Flying Club in Wrentham, MA, and South Shore Radio Control in Bridgewater, MA.

Jim Reith, a buddy from college, runs racores, a specialty manufacturer of R/C kits and componants. He produces the kits used in the combat contest shown above

The Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive is fascinating. If you're into radically different aircraft, you have to look here!

Tower Hobbies is a mail order company for radio control kits and equipment. It's not as personal as the local store, but it's good for hard-to-get items with very good customer service.

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